Spanish rock artist Micky Stoner creates cinematic paintings with his music, shaping a style that is nourished by the great imprint of varied artists like David Bowie, Electric Light Orchestra, The Killers and Prince.

“I’ve always thought that I make the music I’d like to hear as a soundtrack for the films I imagine”, he conveys, detailing the importance of the visual and narrative nature of his creations. 

“There is always an aspect of ‘what would have happened?’ in the songs”, he reveals, analyzing another key element of his compositions, the feeling of reminiscence and longing. “I think my lyrics are always filled with nostalgia”. When trying to define his musical style, he formulates an interesting caption, “Micky Stoner sings about the night when it all happened”.

A deeply passionate musician, Micky received an early musical education due to the influence of his uncle, “I am also a trained saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist thanks in part to him”. He also acquired his musical preferences through his parents’ record collection and punk cassettes he exchanged with his friends.

Micky Stoner released his EP debut “Ladies First”, in 2018, followed by several singles in the following years and his second EP “Fallen angels in a heathen paradise” in 2022.

In 2023 he signed with Rexius Records, looking to share more of his art with the world.


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