Before | Micky Stoner & The Ladies

Before (…you break my heart)
Micky Stoner & The Ladies

Written & Directed by Micky Stoner
Production & Cinematography by Lucía Ojeda

Inspired by Aliens, DIY culture, Monty Python, Tom Waits, bad TV, David Bowie, Devo, 80s cheap Mtv videos & improv in general…

Shot in Valencia July 2018 using Canon 5D MkII 14mm

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Micky Stoner & The Ladies
Ladies First (2018)
Recorded & Mixed at Spoon City Sessions
Music & Lyrics by Micky «Stoner» González
Produced by Micky «Stoner»González

«Ladies First was recorded & mixed abusing vintage Shure m68 preamps, Bull Skull guitars, Orange & Z amps, Ludwig drums, Casio 405 Synths & Pioneer 202w / Hawk spring reverbs, I hope the sound achieved helps you teleport to each of the songs own feature film setting…»

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